Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies

A few weeks ago I was googling… something, and found a recipe for a chocolate chip cookie, stuffed with an Oreo. Intriguing!

As far as I know, this idea originated on Picky Palate. I decided to stick with my own chocolate chip cookie recipe, and purchased a bag of double stuffed Oreos. (Purchasing factory-made cookies made me feel like a barbarian.)

Making them was fun, and they’re certainly monstrous:

I suspect these cookies might be very popular with the 4:20 crowd.

Not being part of that crowd myself, I was unmoved.

First bite after the cookie had cooled:

Verdict? Boyfriend thoroughly enjoyed them, and so did our friends. But personally I wasn’t wowed.

They certainly added something to my cookies but I’m not convinced that something was good. I’m glad I tried them but doubt I’ll make them again.

The warm creamy centre was tasty, but the Oreo wafer felt like an intrusion. Maybe twist the brown wafers off and just use the cream to stuff them?

Dunking them in milk was fun. It got me thinking of two future experiments:

  • FudgeeO stuffed double chocolate cookies
  • Pirate stuffed peanut butter cookies

Though I suspect turning either of those ideas into fruition would result in people being unable to poop for a week.


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