How to slice a cheesecake

By virtue of its ingredients a cheesecake is sticky. Slicing it will tear the filling unless you take precautions. There are two easy ways to slice a cheesecake properly; the hot knife method, and the wire method.

Hot knife

  • use a sharp, thin knife
  • fill a container (deep enough to hold the blade) with hot water
  • before every stroke, submerge blade, let it warm up, and wipe off the water
  • press the blade down firmly, down to the crust – don’t saw back and forth
  • after each cut, wipe the blade clean, reheat, wipe off excess water
  • change the water a few times during this process
  • (this method works perfectly with Dairy Queen cakes too)

Wire method

  • use a fresh piece of piano wire, unflavoured dental floss, or fishing line
  • wrap both ends tightly around your thumbs
  • pull down firmly through the filling and into the crust
  • let go of one end, and pull it through to the other side

Slicing a round cake

I’ve added lines to this picture to demonstrate how it was cut.
  1. cut in half vertically
  2. cut in half horizontally – now it’s in fourths – left side, and yellow line on right
  3. cut each fourth in thirds – green and blue lines
  4. slicing each fourth from the centre out to the edge makes it easy to make a clean cut, and go right down to the crust
The next time I bake a rectangular cake I’ll photograph the slicing process.

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