Boyfriend’s First Blog Post… Ever ;~)

Boyfriend here.

So I have my own blogging account now, never had one before, and don’t know if I’ll even keep up on my own blog, but here is my very 1st blog post, on my girlfriends’ blog.  Thats right world be jealous, my girlfriend is a Spatulagoddess.

My lovely girlfriend had never really made Rice Krispies Squares(RKS) before, but I have many times, so when I heard she was gong to try making them, I put my 2 cents in about making Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Rice Krispies Squares(PBCCRKS).  She wasn’t interested :~(  so she went ahead and made her RKS which turned out great.  I told her that was fine, I would just make mine at a later date.

And that date was tonight.

For starters PBCCRKS are made the EXACT same way that one makes regular RKS, only I added 3 large soup spoons worth of Peanut butter in, and then eye-balled out the semi-sweet chocolate chips, mix it all together. 

Now take it from me, it is much better to prep all this before, hand because once the melted marshmallows start to cool it becomes real “fun*sarcasm* trying to mix it up.  I decided to make these tonight on a whim, and just went to er.  It would been much less messy, and easier on the arm if I hadda prepped everything 1st.

Thank you to Mom, for making these for me as a kid, and for always being there for me when I call to find out what it was you actually did.  I know I could always google it, but Mom always knows best.

And thank you to my wonderful Girlfriend who always inspires with her treats.

This is Boyfriend signing off

P.s. Lol she is checking my punctuation.  Must be careful you don’t want to anger a Spatulagoddess

P.s.s.  LOF’nL not allowed to spell them the way I want to, I “have to spell it the same way as on the box” for the Record I spell them Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Rice Crispy Squares.

P.s.s.s. I love this woman from the bottom of my heart

no really signing off now ;~)


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8 thoughts on “Boyfriend’s First Blog Post… Ever ;~)

  1. Grammar Police says you have six errors remaining:

    Thats right (needs apostrophe)
    was gong to try (going)
    worth of Peanut butter (no capital letter in peanut)
    all this before, hand (beforehand)
    signing off (needs a period)
    for the Record I (no capital letter in record)

    But I just finished reading the entire entry and am glowing with happiness. xo

  2. Are you also a teacher, Spatulagoddess? If not, you’ve definitely missed your calling!

    The PBCCRKS look pretty good and managed to distract me from all the grammar mistakes!

  3. Chocoholic says:

    I loved everything about this. N is after me to guest blog on his site. But I’m afraid I’ll sound like Brainy Smurf and get kicked out the of village!

  4. Karren says: of the Great Spatulagoddess….your Peanut butter Chocolate Rice Krispee Squares (PBCRKS) look fabulous. I think that you have now earned the right to walk alongside of her…instead of behind her..”ouch” just kidding!! Great job and almost as funny….Warm regards Karren 🙂

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