Milk chocolates – all done



What was it like to use a professional chocolate tempering machine? Fabulous. Amazing. Spectacular. Am running out of adjectives. It works so well and it’s so fast. (Product review will be posted after Christmas.)


So basically my our tempering machine works even better than I had imagined.  Yesterday Boyfriend and I made 66 solid milk chocolates (above), and 51 toasted almond milk chocolates (below). Look at that beautiful gloss!


Today we are going to make the Toberlone pieces, and then the milk chocolate is all done, next weekend is for the more labour-intensive filled chocolates. And the peppermint bark. Huzzah!


“Why do you have to name it?!?”

“I just do. And its name is Bernard. Deal with it.”


4 thoughts on “Milk chocolates – all done

  1. Diane says:

    I can’t even handle how delicious these chocolates are – I think I might be dead from eating them. Happy dead though, very very happy dead.

  2. Jess says:

    i am happy to say that i am one of the lucky ones to have tasted these chocolates! and they were amazing! they did not last an hour as my hulk of a man and my self devoured both boxes in a matter of min! they are very tasty! thank you!

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